Water Wednesday Videos

Water Wednesday: MD & VA Legislative Preview

Our three Riverkeepers discuss the legislation that we will be advancing during the Maryland and Virginia legislative sessions that will run from January through March 2024. We will be working on clean water enforcement, reducing PFAS or “forever chemicals”, implementation of best management practices to protect the rivers, minimizing coal ash contamination in our waterways, and expanding funding for water quality monitoring.

Water Wednesday: Sackett v EPA and Waters of the US

Potomac Riverkeeper Network Legal Director Bob Dreher walks us through the recent Supreme Court decision, which held that wetlands are covered by the Clean Water Act only if the wetland is connected by surface flowing water and largely indistinguishable from a traditional water of the U.S. The Court also declared that rivers, lakes, and streams have to have relatively permanent flow to be covered by the Clean Water Act. PRKN VP of Programs Betsy Nicholas gives us some more context on state regulations in the Potomac watershed and what our next steps are as advocates.

Water Wednesday: Shenandoah Algae

This year we saw some of the worst harmful algal blooms in the Shenandoah River system to date. Also known as cyanobacteria, these blooms are the result of rising temperatures and nutrient pollution from agricultural operations, cities, lawns, and septic and sewer systems, and can contain toxins that cause illnesses in people, pets, and livestock. This crisis caused the Virginia Department of Health to set a no-contact health advisory for over 50 miles of the North Fork of the Shenandoah River this summer.

Water Wednesday: Brood X Cicada Mania

PRKN Board Member Stuyve Pierrepont shares his top tips and tricks on how to live more sustainably Have you heard about Brood X cicadas making their once-every-seventeen years appearance? Have you heard that it can make for some phenomenal top-water fishing for just about every species that swims? Have you heard that it is getting ready to explode in the next few days? Shenandoah Riverkeeper, Mark Frondorf and a group of distinguished panelists discussed the science behind the Brood X cicadas as well as the amazing fishing opportunities that result from them.


This Water Wednesday, Potomac Riverkeeper, Dean Naujoks, and special guest speaker, Dr. Jesse Meiller, Environmental Science Professor at American University & Microplastics Researcher, talk about the trash and microplastics that end up in the Potomac River.

Water Wednesday: Sustainability at home

Do you want to take steps toward sustainability but aren’t sure where to start? PRKN Board Member Stuyve Pierrepont shares his top tips and tricks on how to live more sustainably and how to become more environmentally conscious at home. He discusses personal changes you can make in your daily life, such as starting to compost, gardening sustainably, and more! He also reviews sustainable trends in the marketplace and where you can personally invest to make a difference, including what brands to support.

Water Wednesday: River Access

Potomac Riverkeeper Network’s March Water Wednesday featured all three Riverkeepers, who discussed river access issues throughout the watershed. Listen as they discuss their favorite spots, resources to find new kayaking routes or fishing spots, river safety, and more! Featured: Brent Walls, Upper Potomac Riverkeeper Mark Frondorf, Shenandoah Riverkeeper Dean Naujoks, Potomac Riverkeeper

Water Wednesday: Evidence in Action

Potomac Riverkeeper Network’s February Water Wednesday featured Upper Potomac Riverkeeper, Brent Walls, who discussed how, what, and why we collect evidence for use in advocacy. Check out the tools Riverkeepers use to investigate sources of pollution, and more!