Time to Act! 28 Million Tons of Toxic Coal Ash Has To GO!

We really need your help.  Starting the week of January 29, the Virginia Senate will begin consideration, in various committees, of five bills introduced by Senator Scott Surovell, all dealing with coal ash and its remediation.

Passage of these bills is absolutely critical to ensure that the pollution and public health threat posed by Dominion’s coal ash ponds are addressed.  I can’t express how important it is to TAKE ACTION NOW!  Without your help, these bills may never get out of their respective committees and we, future generations of Virginians, and our precious rivers will suffer the consequences.

You’ll see below the two committees which are meeting and all the contact information for the members.  I’ve also identified three or four of the members whom we most need to contact.  Their votes in favor of these bills are so very important, and I believe that if we get to them, in enough numbers and with enough enthusiasm, we can persuade them to join us!

Also, here’s an extremely helpful summary describing all the bill, from the Virginia League of Conservation Voters.  It also gives you good points you can use in your phone calls or emails.  And this summary  is what PRKN has prepared to inform you about why we think coal ash recycling is the best path forward and how we rebut Dominion’s assessment of cap-in-place.  See everything we have to say about coal ash on our website.

I know I can count on you – and your fellow Virginians are, too!  Thank you! CLICK HERE send an email today or use the portal at the bottom of this email.

Senate Agriculture Committee (where bills will be heard Thursday so reaching these folks is most time sensitive)

Below is the list and contact for the entire committee, but the three most important are Senators Dance, Hanger, and Stuart.

Richard Stuart                    (804) 698-7528                  district28@senate.virginia.gov

Emmett Hanger                (804) 698-7524                  district24@senate.virginia.gov

Frank Ruff                           (804) 698-7515                 district15@senate.virginia.gov

Mark Obenshain              (804) 698-7526                 district26@senate.virginia.gov

Chapman Petersen         (804) 698-7534                  district34@senate.virginia.gov

David Marsden                 (804) 698-7537                  district37@senate.virginia.gov

William Stanley                 (804) 698-7520                  district20@senate.virginia.gov

Richard Black                      (804) 698-7513                  district13@senate.virginia.gov

Adam Ebbin                        (804) 698-7530                  district30@senate.virginia.gov

Lynwood Lewis                 (804) 698-7506                  district06@senate.virginia.gov

Ben Chafin                          (804) 698-7538                  district38@senate.virginia.gov

Rosalyn Dance                   (804) 698-7516                  district 16@senate.virginia.gov

David Suetterlein             (804) 698-7519                  district19@senate.virginia.gov

Jennifer McClellan           (804) 698-7509                  district09@senate.virginia.gov

Senate Commerce and Labor

The entire membership is also below, but the four most critical are Senators Cosgrove, Stuart, Sturtevant, and Wagner.

Frank W. Wagner             (804) 698-7507                  district07@senate.virginia.gov

Richard Stuart                    (804) 698-7528                 district28@senate.virginia.gov

Lucas L. Louise                   (804) 698-7518                 district18@senate.virginia.gov

Richard L. Saslaw              (804) 698-7535                 district35@senate.virginia.gov

William M. Stanley, Jr.    (804) 698-7520                  district20@senate.virginia.gov

Ryan T. McDougle            (804) 698-7504                  district04@senate.virginia.gov

Thomas K. Norment, Jr. (804) 698-7503                  district03@senate.virginia.gov

John A. Cosgrove, Jr.       (804) 698-7514                  district14@senate.virginia.gov

Richard H. Black                (804) 698-7513                 district13@senate.virginia.gov

Stephen D. Newman      (804) 698-7523                    district23@senate.virginia.gov

Benton Chafin, Jr. (804) 698-7538                             district38@senate.virginia.gov

Glen H. Sturtevant, Jr.    (804) 698-7510                  district10@senate.virginia.gov

Mark D. Obenshain         (804) 698-7526                   district26@senate.virginia.gov

Rosalyn Dance                   (804) 698-7516                  district16@senate.virginia.gov

Lionell Spruill, Sr.              (804) 698-7505                 district05@senate.virginia.gov

Surovell’s Coal Ash Bills

2018_1_19 Final Summary of Beneficial Use and Rebuttal Reports


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