Proposed Rollback of Federal Coal Ash Rule

Well, they’re at it again! Under the Obama Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency adopted the first-ever federal protections against the dangers posed by coal ash. That rule requires closure of ash dumps in dangerous locations (including within five feet of groundwater), regular inspection of coal ash ponds, monitoring of groundwater near coal ash sites, closure of leaking ponds, … Read More

We Need Your Help! Comments to Stop the Potomac Pipeline Due Feb. 26!

As we at PRKN prepare to submit our comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Environmental Assessment (EA) of the Potomac Pipeline, we want to make sure our fellow pipeline opponents know about the serious problems we’ve identified in the EA.  Remember that the comments are due Monday, February 26, so join in and help us … Read More

Add Your Voice to Stop Fracked Gas Pipeline Under the Potomac!

The December 19th Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) hearing in Hancock, MD, was absolutely packed with opponents of the pipeline. Over two hundred attended, and the majority spoke in opposition. And because of this MDE scheduled a second hearing on January 22nd at the Hancock High School from 6-10 Hancock, MD (snow date — January 25). Yes, MDE is holding … Read More

URGENT ACTION! Stop EPA’s Repeal of the Clean Water Rule!

The Trump administration launched its assault on our clean water and drinking water protections with a proposed repeal of the Clean Water Rule. A lengthy, deliberate, and inclusive process led to the 2015 Clean Water Rule, a rule protective of vital waterways and based in sound law and sound science. By comparison, the Administration’s scheme … Read More

Tell Virginia Legislators to Support SB1398 for Safe Disposal of Coal Ash

When our coal ash campaign began three years ago, neighbors of Dominion’s Possum Point plant didn’t know a toxic cocktail of arsenic and heavy metals was leaking into their wells. The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) didn’t know Dominion was pumping 27.5 millions of gallons of untreated coal ash water into Quantico Creek — … Read More

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Tell Alexandria to Stop Dumping Sewage in the Potomac!

I’m writing to urge you to send an email to the Mayor and City Council of the City of Alexandria to demand action on a serious public health problem. WHY: Alexandria, Virginia is dumping 70 million gallons of raw sewage and polluted stormwater into the Potomac River each year. And City Council has decided not … Read More

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Tell Maryland No Fracking & No Pipeline Under the Potomac

BREAKING NEWS!  Statewide fracking ban bills have been introduced in the Maryland Senate and House. The hearings began this week. We urge you to send emails TODAY to support HB1325 and SB740! The moratorium ends this October 2017 and regulations are not enough. We need to #DontFrackMD! The latest tactic by the American Petroleum Institute is alarming. They are … Read More