Mettiki Coal

Public Hearing on Reissuance of Clean Water Act Discharge Permit for Mettiki Coal Set for March 24

The Mettiki Coal operation in Western Maryland is suspected of periodically discharging contaminated water which makes its way into drinking wells and the North Branch of the Potomac River. Past inspections have shown evidence of possible metals pollution. The Mettiki facility has submitted a request for a reissuance of its Clean Water Act discharge (NPDES) permit … Read More

Chesapeake Dolphin Watch

The work of the Potomac Riverkeeper Network doesn’t just benefit the 6 million people within the watershed, it also benefits the wildlife! One of the most iconic species our work impacts is the Chesapeake Bottlenose Dolphin. Dolphins are an important indicator species because they are an apex predator, indicating a healthy ecosystem. Dolphins are also … Read More

A Tale of Two Rivers

Water Wednesday: A Tale of Two Rivers (Video)

The Potomac River is a haven for many of us. It provides a space for recreation including kayaking, fishing, paddleboarding, and even open water swimming, but is it safe? Urban stormwater, sewage overflows, agricultural runoff, and industrial pollution all threaten the ecology of the River, and the safety of those who recreate on it. We … Read More

Press Release

Trash-Free Potomac Campaign Launch

POTOMAC RIVERKEEPER NETWORK LAUNCHES TRASH-FREE POTOMAC CAMPAIGN Raising Awareness about Plastic Pollution in the River Washington, D.C. – August 25 – Potomac Riverkeeper Network today announced the Trash-Free Potomac Campaign to inform everyone in the Washington area about trash and plastic pollution in the Potomac River, so that they can better appreciate the seriousness of … Read More

Watr Quality Monitoring at Mallows Bay

Water Testing at Mallows Bay

We are really proud to include the National Marine Sanctuary at Mallows Bay as one of our new water testing sites this year. Mallows Bay, the nation’s newest marine sanctuary, is home to the famous Ghost Fleet, the sunken ships from WWI; a favorite spot for kayakers and canoers, it features a unique opportunity to … Read More

Press Release

1st Annual Swimmable Potomac Report Issued by PRKN

POTOMAC RIVERKEEPER NETWORK ISSUES SWIMMABLE POTOMAC REPORT Identifies Where and When The Potomac is Safe For Human Contact Washington, D.C. – July 23 – Potomac Riverkeeper Network (PRKN) today released its first annual Water Quality Monitoring Report for the Potomac River, which analyzes the data and results of water sampling at 10 sites along the Potomac … Read More

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DEQ Taking Action on Route I-66 Alleged Violations

Potomac Riverkeeper Commends Virginia Department of Environmental Quality for Action to Bring Route I-66 Construction Site Polluter to Account Investigation by Potomac Riverkeeper Identified Illegal Sediment Runoff into Accotink Creek and Potomac River Washington, D.C. – May 18 – Potomac Riverkeeper Network (PRKN) applauds Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for issuing notices of violation … Read More