CSO Outfall 29 Dry Weather Events

Imagine you are out paddling along the shores of the Lower Potomac River, enjoying a crisp but sunny fall day. You can feel the warmth of the sun on your shoulders as you paddle your kayak or SUP, and are admiring the sounds of the Canada Geese flying overhead signifying the arrival of fall. Suddenly … Read More

Spill at Mattawoman Creek

Many of you have seen the news about the recent disastrous spill at Mattawoman Creek, when nearly six million gallons of raw sewage poured into the creek as a result of “multiple pump failures.” I investigated this and spoke to Charles County Public Works about why they only had one out of four pumps operating … Read More

Enforcement Action Leads to Penalties for Sewage Plant in Lower Potomac

Potomac Riverkeeper’s 2016 review of Clean Water Act discharge permits on the Potomac led us to the Winters Apartments Sewage Treatment Plant in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, where chronic operational problems were causing frequent permit violations for excessive discharges of ammonia and suspended solids into the Potomac. This pollution threatened public health and degraded the … Read More

Settlement on NRG’s Power Plant Pollution Leads to a $0.5 Million Oyster Restoration Project

As part of Potomac Riverkeeper’s settlement with NRG Energy and the state of Maryland on NRG’s pollution of the Potomac and Patuxent Rivers with excess nutrients, NRG was required to fund a $0.5 million environmental project in the Potomac that would help reduce nutrient pollution. The result? A five year plan developed by the Potomac … Read More

Nick Kuttner

Outreach in the Lower Potomac

In March 2016, Nick Kuttner, Potomac Riverkeeper Network Vice Chair and our representative in the Lower Potomac, met with the Potomac River Association in Leonardtown. His message to them was that in order for our Riverkeepers to do their work we have to partner with local community groups. The local community groups know and can … Read More