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Virginia Governor’s Pick for Secretary of Natural and Historic Resources Condemned by Potomac Riverkeeper Network

Andrew Wheeler Gutted Environmental Protections as Trump’s EPA Head Washington, D.C. – January 6 – Potomac Riverkeeper Network (PRKN) condemns Gov-elect Glenn Youngkin’s nomination of former EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler for Secretary of Natural and Historic Resources, who during his tenure at EPA under former President Trump, was responsible for significantly rolling back protections for … Read More

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Epa Violations Found in Charles County, Maryland During Prkn Compliance Sweep

A recent compliance sweep by Potomac Riverkeeper Network has resulted in the discovery of potential Clean Water Act violations in Charles County by two local businesses and a county wastewater treatment plant. Click below to view detailed facility reports. EPA ECHO Database Reports These links are to a website maintained by the Environmental Protection Agency … Read More

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Troubling Findings of Forever Chemicals in Antietam Creek Announced by Upper Potomac Riverkeeper

High Levels of PFAS Detected in Smallmouth Bass and Creek Waters Washington, D.C. – June 17– Upper Potomac Riverkeeper (UPRK) Brent Walls today announced findings of high levels of PFAS chemicals in fish and water in the Antietam Creek and surrounding region. Said Walls, “Although banned nearly 15 years ago, the presence of these chemicals, … Read More

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Maryland Proposes to Reject Effort to Delay Pollution Reductions

Three Coal-Fired Plants Affected, Must Meet Better Standard to Protect the Public Washington, D.C. – April 2 – Potomac Riverkeeper Dean Naujoks today announced that Maryland’s Department of the Environment (MDE) has proposed to reject efforts by GenOn Energy, the operator of three coal-fired plants in the state, to delay water pollution safeguards at three coal-fired … Read More

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Unnecessary Action Encourages Industries to Pollute Washington, D.C. – March 27 – Potomac Riverkeeper Network (PRKN) strongly opposes the suspension of enforcement for violations of environmental law announced by the Trump Administration’s EPA, which sends a clear message to a broad swath of industries that the mere mention of COVID-19 will allow them to pollute … Read More

Proposed Rollback of Federal Coal Ash Rule

Well, they’re at it again! Under the Obama Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency adopted the first-ever federal protections against the dangers posed by coal ash. That rule requires closure of ash dumps in dangerous locations (including within five feet of groundwater), regular inspection of coal ash ponds, monitoring of groundwater near coal ash sites, closure of leaking ponds, … Read More

Firefighting Chemicals Threaten Martinsburg Water Supply and Opequon Creek

Nearly six million people rely on public water supplies within the Potomac River Watershed to provide them with clean drinking water. Forty years after the passage of the Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act, we rightly expect our water to be safe and healthy for ourselves and our children. Unfortunately, events have come … Read More

Fighting to Stop Toxic Wastewater Pollution from Coal Power Plants

In the latest example of federal environmental rollbacks affecting the Potomac River, the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) blindly followed EPA’s lead and failed to set strict limits on arsenic, mercury, lead and other toxic metals discharged from the Morgantown and Dickerson coal-fired power plants into the Potomac in their most recent Clean Water Act … Read More