Call Governor McAuliffe: Tell Him to Sign the Alexandria Sewage Bill!

Alexandria’s dirty little secret — dumping millions of gallons of stormwater contaminated with raw sewage into the Potomac River — isn’t so secret anymore. The Washington Post and other media outlets exposed it in a series of embarrassing headlines. Thanks to action by our members and the larger environmental community, the Virginia General Assembly passed … Read More


Daily Limits on Bacteria to Protect Public Health

Washington, DC, like many older east coast cities, has a public health and water pollution problem when rainfall overwhelms its outdated sewer system and causes high volumes of untreated sewage bacteria to be dumped into the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers. Animal waste washed from the street and parks into storm drains adds to the problem, … Read More

Understanding City Stormwater & Sewage Systems

The clouds, dark and chilling, hid the light from the night except for the whipping static of bolts of lightning. The city sounds of police sirens and car alarms were muffled by the powerful thunder. Standing underneath the Phillips Collection balcony looking out to Dupont Circle, the rain drops, and occasional penny-sized frozen pellets, fell … Read More