Help Us Solve Virginia’s Coal Ash Problem!

We urgently need your help to solve Virginia’s coal ash pollution problem! And we need it by Thursday noon, January 17! Virginia’s Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee is considering our long sought-after legislation to finally clean up Dominion’s coal ash mess!  And they meet Thursday afternoon!

  • Call or email the members of the Committee – tell them to support Senator Scott Surovell’s bill, SB 1533, and to oppose Senator Frank Wagner’s Dominion friendly bill, SB 1355, which mandates 100% cost recovery by Dominion from its ratepayers to clean up toxic coal ash and gives Virginia regulators the option of allowing cap-in-place.

The bills, SB 1533/HB 2105, recently introduced by Senator Scott Surovell and Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy,  and strongly supported by Governor Northam, reject Dominion’s cheap and dirty cap-in-place of leaking coal ash ponds and requires all coal ash at Possum Point and other Dominion sites to be either safely recycled or removed to a lined landfill away from our rivers.

Here’s a list of the members of the Committee. It’s essential that we contact these senators. If a member is your senator, please call or write him or her; if not, then call or write Senator Stuart, the chair of the Committee, or Senators Black, Dance, or Hanger. The important thing is to act now! – Let the members know that a clean Potomac River and healthy communities are important to you!

We need to make sure that your legislators understand the issues, the solutions, and the action they must take. Please take a moment and tell them in your own words why this is important to your family and friends.

You know the issues and what these members need to hear:

  • We cannot allow Dominion’s 30 million tons of coal ash – with its heavy metals and many carcinogens which have been contaminating groundwater and drinking wells for decades, to be permanently stored on the banks of the Potomac River in unlined, leaking pits when other solutions are available!
  • The Potomac River is a vitally important part of our community, providing economic, historic and recreational benefits and opportunities that enrich local communities and supports a multi-billion dollar tourism industry.
  • The Potomac River is a public resource where residents and visitors should be able to fish, swim, paddle and hunt without worrying whether the fish are healthy enough to eat, and the water clean enough to swim in and drink.

Thank you!

Dean Naujoks

Potomac Riverkeeper