Show Your Solidarity at the January 22 Hearing!

There are many reasons we’re urging the opponents of the Potomac Pipeline to boycott the MDE hearing on January 22 in Hancock, MD. We’re hoping our friends will show up, make any comments, but leave the hearing to show their solidarity at our gathering outside. We’ll all be signing a letter to the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) to make clear we’re tired of them ignoring us, our safety, and that of our neighbors.

MDE’s mission is to “protect the environment for the health and well-being of all Marylanders.” We strongly feel that they have failed to fulfill their mission on the Potomac Pipeline project.

For nine months, we have explained, through every means possible, our concerns and recommended actions, and we have been ignored.

  • MDE should NOT move forward with approval until all information for a thorough review is available to the public; so far, MDE has failed to clearly explain the confusing Federal/State permitting process, causing confusion and limiting public feedback on this controversial pipeline.
  • MDE should require individual 401 certifications for wetland and stream crossings, rather than relying on the Army Corps of Engineers.
  • MDE has ignored requests from Maryland residents to ask FERC to conduct a full Environmental Impact Statement.

MDE produced a misleading fact sheet “What You Need to Know” that downplayed risks of this pipeline project.

  • MDE failed to identify TransCanada as the company that will build the pipeline; which has a poor safety record, permit violations and routinely risks public health.
  • MDE’s fact sheet –“What You Need to Know”—relies too much on TransCanada’s misrepresentation and never identifies the source as TransCanada
  • MDE failed to acknowledge that not all chemicals used in the drilling process for installing pipelines are non-toxic.
  • MDE failed to mention that there are hundreds of drinking water wells throughout the project that may be contaminated from a gas pipeline leak and that all of these wells in MD and WV communicate with groundwater aquifers connected to the Potomac River.
  • MDE failed to release appropriate facts about the risks with karst geology and pollution.

We are working hard to protect your interests and the quality of your water. Because we have been ignored by MDE, we’ve decided to take a different approach to their dog and pony shows!

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