Public Hearing on Closing Possum Point

DEAN NAUJOKSJoin me at the Department of Environmental Quality public hearing on closing Possum Point coal ash ponds, Tuesday, February 12 at 7:00 p.m. Potomac Senior High School, 3401 Panther Pride Drive, Dumfries, VA.

We are close to a historic legislative agreement to clean up coal ash at Possum Point, but we need your help to make sure Possum Point’s 4.5 million tons of ash are being handled safely. Dominion is seeking a state permit to permanently close its old ash ponds after it moved all the coal ash into Pond D at Possum Point. Help us make sure Dominion closes these old ponds properly and leaves no ash behind to leak into the Potomac or our drinking water.

We need to the permit to include:

  • Groundwater monitoring to make sure any residual ash doesn’t contaminate the river.
  • Strict protocols for removing all the ash from Ponds A, B, C and E.
  • Quick corrective action by Dominion to remediate any remaining ash and groundwater if contamination is found after the ponds are closed.

We also want to make sure Dominion recycles as much coal ash as possible once legislation is passed, and any ash that isn’t recycled is moved away from the river to a lined, permitted landfill where it’s isolated from the environment. We do not want to see a landfill built in the footprint of the old coal ash ponds at Possum Point, where it could be susceptible to flooding or leaks in the future.

To be informed, look at the public notice and the draft solid waste permit.

The public comment period closes March 15, 2019. DEQ Staff will be available to answer questions during an informational briefing prior to the public hearing. Comments submitted by e-mail should be sent to