Stuyvesant Pierrepont

Stuyvesant Pierrepont


Born and raised in Long Island, NY, Stuyve has developed a true passion for the environment over the years through hunting and fishing trips with his father. In high school, his love for the environment expanded during his time spent as curator and head curator of the Trevor Zoo at the Millbrook School. He spent his summers through high school and college on hiking expeditions through parts of Alaska and Wyoming and as a fly-fishing guide in Colorado and Northern Wyoming.

Stuyve currently works for RMB Capital helping nonprofits and families with financial planning and investment management. When not with clients, you can find Stuyve partaking in any number of activities, from fly-fishing for trout in the Shenandoah, day hikes on the Appalachian Trail, sitting in a duck blind on a cold rainy morning, or trying to figure out how to improve his worm composting system on his apartment balcony. In addition to his outdoor hobbies, Stuyve has started a blog,, focused on helping working professionals become more environmentally conscious in an urban environment.

Outside of Stuyve’s excitement and passion for protecting our local waterways, he has ingrained himself in helping to improve the health of our coastal fisheries and marine life through the protection of a specific forage fish. In addition to helping PRKN, Stuyve is involved with The Menhaden Conservation Project, helping the team spread awareness and education on the importance of this small but vital forage fish.

Stuyve comes to PRKN with a clear understanding of the importance of clean waterways. He is excited to help the team tell our story and strengthen relationships with those who are charitably inclined and want to have an impact on their local community. Stuyve currently resides in Arlington, VA with his fianceé Dana.

Board member since 2018.