Tim Hill

Tim Hill


Born and raised in Rockville, MD, Tim has lived within the Chesapeake watershed for most of his life. His passion and commitment to the environment come from his dedication to clean water which he has been an advocate for since high school. During that time, he became involved with Waterkeeper Alliance, a global organization PRKN is affiliated with. Throughout the years, Tim spent time with the organization helping increase fundraising and improving outreach with a particular focus towards attracting younger individuals. Today, he is a member on their Leadership Circle which is focused on advancing the mission of Waterkeeper Alliance. He is also on the board of Waterkeepers Chesapeake, a coalition PRKN is a part of, that focuses on strengthening the voices of each Waterkeeper and helping mobilize these organizations to fight pollution and champion clean water.

Tim’s commitment to clean water and ensuring everyone’s right to it is not an easy challenge. Realizing one cannot expect others to clean up the world if they themselves do not take care of their own backyard led to him become more involved with the Anacostia Riverkeepers which then lead him to Potomac Riverkeepers where for both groups he helped orchestrate fundraisers and develop new outreach techniques to further engage with younger individuals.

Tim currently works for WeeGreen, a cloud-based platform used by individuals, organizations and communities to run grassroots sustainability campaigns. He manages the day-to-day operations, campaign development and outreach. Tim currently resides in Rockville, MD with his wife Bree and black lab Enzi. Outside of work and volunteering, you will find them hiking, boating, going to the beach or skiing whenever possible.

Tim comes to PRKN with a clear understanding of the importance of clean water and our waterways. He is excited to help the team tell our story and strengthen relationships with those who are charitably inclined and want to have an impact.

Board Member since 2020.