"Clean water is a fundamental human right. The greatest legacy we can leave for our children is access to clean water. Safe-guarding the Nation's River, which provides drinking water to approximately seven million people, is a serious responsibility."

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Potomac Pollution Hotline: 202.871.8289

Potomac Riverkeeper Projects

Floating Wetland Area National Harbor

50 Million Mussel Project

“Putting some Mussel back in the River!” Mussels are so valuable to maintaining water quality — they filter nutrients, toxins, and sediments. The mussels population in the Potomac has suffered but because of their importance, we’re launching the Million Mussel Project to return them to the river so they can do their part to improve […]

Swimmable Potomac River Campaign

CAMPAIGN INFORMATION: All of the water bodies covered by the bacteria TMDLs in DC are designated as Class A, meaning they are intended to be clean enough for primary contact recreation uses like swimming and kayaking.

Potomac Watershed Clean Up Initiative

Help Us Keep the Potomac Trash-Free Join us at National Harbor or Alexandria Waterfront! From April to October, we have clean up events – the second Saturday of the month at National Harbor and the third Sunday of the month at Oronoco Park at the Alexandria Waterfront.   For National Harbor – 2nd Saturday of […]

water quality monitoring program

Community Science Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program

Participate in our Citizen Science Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program to Make the Potomac Swimmable Again!

Part of Potomac Riverkeeper Network’s mission is to improve recreation access. For years it has been illegal to swim in the Potomac River in Washington, DC because high levels of bacteria sometimes make it unsafe. When it rains, household sewage from Washington DC and Alexandria combines with polluted stormwater, discharging raw sewage, pet waste, road runoff, and other contaminants that foul the Potomac River.

Mattawoman Wastewater Treatment Plant

CAMPAIGN INFORMATION: Washington, D.C. – November 14 – Potomac Riverkeeper Network (PRKN) today filed a Notice of Intent to sue Charles County, Maryland’s Board of Public Works in federal court for the ongoing unlawful discharges of wastewater from the county’s Mattawoman Wastewater Treatment Plant into the Potomac River and Mattawoman Creek.  The Notice of Intent […]

Toxic Wastewater Discharges from Coal Power Plants

CAMPAIGN INFORMATION: EPA’s 2015 “Effluent Limitation Guideline” Rule was developed to deal with the discharge of toxic metals and other pollutants removed from coal plants’ air emissions in response to more protective air pollution standards issued over a decade ago. The same metals that were being “scrubbed” from coal plant smokestacks were being dumped with […]

Clean Water is Under Attack

CAMPAIGN INFORMATION: The Administration has directed the EPA to take sweeping measures to undo clean water protections under the Clean Water Rule intended to safeguard the health of our rivers, streams and wetlands. The announcement to repeal the Clean Water Rule represents one of the most serious assaults on our water resources in decades. What […]

Safe Disposal of Coal Ash at Possum Point Campaign

CAMPAIGN INFORMATION: PROJECT UPDATE: Virginia lawmakers have approved legislation to require the state’s largest electric utility to excavate and clean up unlined coal ash pits.  The General Assembly approved legislation that requires Dominion Energy to recycle or safely landfill millions of cubic yards of coal ash currently located at sites around the state.  Gov. Ralph Northam is […]

Stopping Alexandria Sewage Overflow Campaign

CAMPAIGN INFORMATION: Like Washington D.C., the historic downtown section of Alexandria uses a combined sewer system that dumps untreated sewage and stormwater into Hunting Creek and the Potomac River nearly every time it rains, resulting in millions of gallons of sewage containing E.coli and other pathogens flowing into our waterways every year. Under a new […]


NRG Dickerson Power Plant

CAMPAIGN INFORMATION: In 2013, Potomac Riverkeeper, Patuxent Riverkeeper and Food & Water Watch filed a notice of intent to sue to NRG. NRG operates coal powered generating stations at Chalk Point on the Patuxent River and at Dickerson on the Potomac River. One of our main concerns was that NRG tried to persuade the state […]