POTOMAC PIPELINE: Tell the National Park Service You Expect Them to Protect the Potomac River!

Potomac Pipeline Eastern Panhandle Expansion Project

We need your help to stop this project! Sign our petition by November 18!

We call on the National Park Service (NPS) to deny TransCanada a right of way permit across the historic C&O Canal!

TransCanada has requested the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) authority to begin construction on other sections of the pipeline not under the jurisdiction of NPS. Potomac Riverkeeper Network and other water advocates are concerned because horizontal drilling for a gas pipeline has never been used to cross the Potomac. There is great uncertainty regarding the effect of this drilling technique on the region’s Karst geology that has a significant influence on the hydrology of our drinking water sources.

The public needs NPS to protect our historic treasures such as the C&O Canal and the Potomac River. Please sign our petition to urge the National Park Service not to issue a Right of Way permit for the Potomac Pipeline Eastern Panhandle Expansion Project. Remember, if approved, this pipeline would be the energy source for the controversial Rockwool USA insulation manufacturing plant.

Stopping the Potomac Pipeline will prevent:

  • Risk of pollution to the Potomac
  • Risk of impact to the C&O Canal from a blow out
  • Risk of destruction to historical property
  • Risk of pollution to thousands of private wells
  • Risk of destruction to personal property
  • Risk of continuous threat of a natural gas explosion

On November 19, 2018, we will be presenting this petition at a press conference in Hagerstown, MD. Let’s have thousands of signatures, so sign this and encourage your friends and fellow clean water advocates to do so, too!