PFAS Fish Survey Initiative

PFAS Fish Survey

Upper Potomac Riverkeeper Launches PFAS Fish Survey Initiative

As part of his PFAS campaign, Brent Walls, Upper Potomac Riverkeeper, is launching an important fish survey initiative in the Opequon Creek, a Potomac River tributary; he plans to obtain enough samples – 10 from each of three different species over a period of six to 12 months – in order to determine levels of PFAS in the fish tissue.

Brent is concerned about high levels of PFAS in the region, particularly because the Opequon has many points with ease of access and recreational users may be eating contaminated fish as a result.

The US Geological Survey has tested in streams in the region and has found high levels of PFAS. The source may be the Air National Guard base near Martinsburg, WV, which is near where the creek flows into the Potomac River. Brent has done independent testing of springs whose water flows into the Opequon and has found the same results.

Brent’s Opequon Fish Survey Initiative has three main points:

  • Analyze fish tissue for PFAS
  • Prepare and share survey results
  • Petition WV to create fish consumption advisories

The fish survey is available here in English and here in Spanish