Help Shenandoah Riverkeeper Pass a Law to Keep Cattle out of Our River!

Photo by Tusik Only

This Wednesday, January 29, a key House Committee in the Virginia legislature will consider  HB 1422, a bill that sets a 2025 deadline to fence cattle out of waterways and requires state funding to ensure farmers can afford it. Unfenced cattle destroy streambanks and valuable riparian buffers, and directly “deposit” manure and bacteria into the river. The bill also requires better management of fertilizer on farm fields to prevent excess nutrients from polluting the Shenandoah and other rivers with noxious algae blooms.

Help us show the Committee members how Virginia voters feel about the importance of this bill. Take action now to let them know you are watching – and voting! And please also write these key Committee members: Delegates Kenneth Plum, Wendy Gooditis, Michael Webert, Tony Wilt, David Bulova, and Lee Ware

Here’s an email you could use but remember it’s always better to make it your own!

Email Subject Line: Please Protect the Shenandoah River by Voting for HB1422

Dear Delegate,

Thank you for your commitment to conserve Virginia’s natural resources through your leadership on the Agriculture Committee. I ask you to protect the health of the Shenandoah River and other state waterways by supporting HB 1422 when it comes before your committee.

I’m an active user of the Shenandoah and I have watched with regret how my use of the river has been impaired by noxious, chronic algae blooms, and streambanks destroyed by unfenced cattle using the river as their watering hole and bathroom.  This bill is our chance to fix a longstanding problem and to return the Shenandoah to the beautiful condition our children deserve.

Passage of this bill will have a major impact on the health of the Shenandoah River.  Thank you for respecting the Shenandoah and continuing to conserve Virginia’s natural resources by supporting this important bill.