Industrial Pollution

industrial pollution

MAJOR POLLUTERS: “Major Polluters” are how we categorize the biggest polluters in the Potomac Watershed that discharge directly into our waterways through a pipe. They include power plants, waste-water and drinking water treatment plants, coal-ash storage facilities, industrial and manufacturing facilities, and chemical storage and transportation.

POSITION: Facilities that discharge into the Potomac Watershed should be in compliance with legal pollution limits, and our regulatory agencies should take every opportunity to reduce the discharges coming from these sources.

OBJECTIVE: Protect water quality by ensuring that these facilities are in compliance with their permitted pollution limits and that regulatory agencies create and enforce responsible discharge limits.

Steps to Solutions:

  • COMPLIANCE SWEEPS: Find facilities which are violating their discharge permits.
  • TIERED LETTERS: Communicate repeatedly with facilities in violation of their permit to ensure progress toward clean water.
  • LITIGATION: We are willing to take polluters to court when they are otherwise unwilling to eliminate their pollution problems.

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