Help Us Pass Coal Ash Legislation in Virginia!

We still need your help on the coal ash legislation! The good news is the bill passed out of the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, but it’s not up for a full Senate vote yet!  Dominion flexed its muscle, and our coal ash bill has now been referred to the Senate Finance Committee, where it could be debated as early as Tuesday. We need your voices to make sure the Finance Committee moves this bill to the Senate floor!

  • ​Please call or email the members of the Committee – tell them to supportSenator Scott Surovell’s bill, SB 1533!​
  • Focus on the Senator from your district; however, if your Senator isn’t on the list, call or write Senator Hanger, the co-chair of the Committee, who represents the Shenandoah Valley, but voted No on the current bill in the Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. His support is critical for moving this forward!
  • We also need you to reach out to Senators Vogel, Saslaw, and Norment, and make sure that they know you are a Virginian who believes that the health of the Potomac and James Rivers—the two largest rivers in Virginia flowing to the Chesapeake Bay—are important to all Virginians and are threatened by more than 20 million tons of coal ash. Clean water and a healthy Chesapeake Bay transcend district lines – these precious waterways are every Senator’s constituent!

SB 1533 has bipartisan support in the Virginia legislature and is an environmental priority of Governor Northam. The bill prohibits Dominion’s dirty cap-in-place of leaking coal ash ponds and requires all coal ash at Possum Point and other Dominion sites to be either safely recycled or removed to a lined landfill. Safely disposing of coal ash is vital to protecting drinking water, our rivers and the Bay.

Contact these legislators, and help us make sure they understand the issues, the solutions, and the action they must take. Please take a moment and tell them in your own words why this is important to your family and friends.

You know the issues and what these members need to hear:

  • We cannot allow Dominion’s 30 million tons of coal ash – with its heavy metals and many carcinogens which have been contaminating groundwater and drinking wells for decades, to be permanently stored on the banks of the Potomac River and other Virginia waterways in unlined, leaking pits when other solutions are available! ​​
  • The Potomac River is a vitally important part of our community, providing economic, historic and recreational benefits and opportunities that enrich local communities and supports a multi-billion dollar tourism industry. We won’t have a healthy Chesapeake Bay without a clean and healthy Potomac River.
  • The Potomac River is a public resource where residents and visitors should be able to fish, swim, paddle and hunt without worrying whether the fish are healthy enough to eat, and the water clean enough to swim in and drink.

​​​​Thank you!

Dean Naujoks
Potomac Riverkeeper