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happy-kidToday at Potomac Riverkeeper Network, we celebrate the beauty of the Earth and continue the fight to keep it clean and safe for people and wildlife everywhere.

We join with people around the world to recognize the role we play in climate disasters and to begin to take accountability for these issues. I love Earth day since it’s a day where we can unite on the rivers and in the streets to fight for massive change on a global scale for the planet.

If you’re looking for something to do this week or next that will connect you to the planet, consider volunteering to join our Community Science Water Quality Monitoring Team!

SUP-river-cleanupThis program plays an important part in advancing our mission to protect the public’s right to clean water in the Potomac watershed. An overview of our Community Science Water Quality Monitoring Program can be found here on our website. The main goal of this program is to collect, analyze, and release water quality data through the SwimGuide app to help inform the public about when and where it is safe to interact with the Potomac River. It also supports our Swimmable Potomac Campaign, which you can read more about in our Swimmable Potomac Report. If you are interested in joining, there is still time to watch our online training modules and take our online certification test before our second in-person Water Quality Monitoring Training coming up at National Harbor on April 28th! For additional information, you can contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Morgan Bench, at morgan@prknetwork.org.

So Earth Day is our day as well — all of us who use and enjoy nature. I encourage you to get outside today, join a rally or a cleanup and connect yourself with the beautiful planet we often take for granted. Find out more about Earth Day at earthday.org and check out the Earth Day video on the EPA alumni association website with Miguel Flores and me talking about the Potomac and Rio Grande Rivers.

Nancy-StonerHappy Earth Day!

Nancy Stoner