Frederick Sewage Plant Upgrade Success!

Great news!  We succeeded in our efforts to resolve the nitrogen pollution violations at Frederick’s wastewater treatment plant — the city successfully completed a $45 million upgrade to the plant after delays of several years. The upgrades were supposed to have been completed in 2011, but because of inactivity by the city, we were compelled to file a lawsuit earlier this year. The work was completed in May of this year, and we monitored the results and discharges since then.

We are happy to say that the new wastewater treatment system appears to be working well, which is good news for the Monocacy River.  This is a victory for clean water.

In 2017, before the upgrades to the plant were completed, the plant exceeded the amount of discharged nitrogen pollution into the Monocacy River according to state and federal records. The plant also exceeded its limits during the years 2013-2016, records show.

Since the upgrades to the plant were brought online, that pollution level has dropped substantially.

The Monocacy River – a popular destination for kayaking, fishing and wildlife photography — flows through protected Civil War battlefields into the Potomac River and then the Chesapeake Bay. Nitrogen pollution is a leading cause of algal blooms and low-oxygen “dead zones” in the waterways.

Read the press release here.