Fracking & Mining

fracking and mining

FRACKING & MINING: The processes used to extract and transport minerals, metals, coal, and natural gas. Mining is a common industry in the western portion of our watershed, and it can cause acid mine drainage, heavy metal contamination, chemical pollution, and sedimentation. While fracking is not yet occurring in the Potomac Watershed, it is likely to begin soon. Fracking can contaminate groundwater, deplete freshwater supply, and the development of pipelines to transport natural gas could cause construction and erosion across large swaths of land.

POSITION: Both the extraction and transportation of resources should be done in a responsible manner and the states and federal government have a responsibility to implement and enforce regulations that protective the environment and our families.

OBJECTIVE: Work with partners to monitor fracking and pipeline development in the Potomac Watershed. Identify water quality impacts of current mining activity, and assess mining permits for sufficient water protections, taking legal action to strengthen regulations or enforce compliance when necessary.

Steps to Solutions:

  • Legally challenge inadequate permits.
  • Advocate for laws and regulations that protect drinking water supplies.

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