Últimos Eventos Pasados

International Water Tasting

The 34th Annual International Water Tasting event will be held at the historic Country Inn in Berkeley Springs, WV. This is a free event, so come, show your support, and hear Brent’s remarks about the latest news on PFAS – toxic “forever chemicals” – in our soil and water.

Swimmable Potomac Town Hall

Join DC water quality experts Jonathan Champion and Alicia Ritzenthaler from DC’s Department of Energy and the Environment (DOEE), and Potomac Riverkeeper, Dean Naujoks, for a town hall discussion of swimming opportunities in the Potomac River in DC. We will discuss why swimming was banned in DC rivers in 1971 and why it is now high time to lift that ban.

Water Wednesday: PFAS – what can we do to get rid of it?

Phil Farina from Clear Creek Systems, a firm specializing in water treatment, will join Brent Walls, Upper Potomac Riverkeeper, in speaking about treatment and destruction technologies for PFAS, a group of toxic “forever chemicals” that are found throughout our homes and environment. PRKN has been advocating for more public information about PFAS risks and what ... Lee mas

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