Clean Water Justice Act infographic

The Clean Water Justice Act

Sponsors: Del. Sara Love & Sen. Malcolm Augustine A CCE Priority Bill Why We Need the Bill The Clean Water Justice Act allows communities impacted by water pollution to enforce the law against polluters. This access to the courts to enforce the law and protect communities from pollution was at the heart of the federal … Lee mas

press release


Study Demonstrates Harm to Biodiversity, Heightened Concentration of Neurotoxic Heavy Metals in Sediment Washington, DC – November 2 – Potomac Riverkeeper Network (PRKN) applauds the study of groundwater and sediment contamination from coal ash in Quantico Creek and Possum Point in Virginia undertaken by Professor Tyler Frankel of Mary Washington University, Potomac Riverkeeper Dean Naujoks  … Lee mas

Girl in stream with laptop testing acid mine drainage

Acid Mine Drainage Testing in the Upper Potomac 

During April through November of 2023, Upper Potomac Riverkeeper Brent Walls and Catherine Gaudlip, our Hood College Technician, will be completing their 2nd year of acid mine drainage monitoring along three different stream reaches that feed into the Upper Branch of the Potomac River. Metals, including aluminum, manganese, and iron, will be analyzed semimonthly throughout … Lee mas

fish survey

PFAS Fish Survey Initiative

Upper Potomac Riverkeeper Launches PFAS Fish Survey Initiative As part of his PFAS campaign, Brent Walls, Upper Potomac Riverkeeper, is launching an important fish survey initiative in the Opequon Creek, a Potomac River tributary; he plans to obtain enough samples – 10 from each of three different species over a period of six to 12 … Lee mas

Action Alert

Take Action: Alma Plant

We need your help – and so does the Shenandoah! The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (Valley Regional Office) drafted a permit for the Alma Plant (automobile scrap recycling facility) in Stanley, Virginia (Page County) proposing to drain their on-site lagoons into the South Fork of the Shenandoah River. This is industrial stormwater associated with current recycling … Lee mas

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