Force polluters to comply with or government to enforce environmental laws.

How It Works

  1. FILE COMPLAINTS: We file complaints with the state when a polluter is no longer in compliance with laws.
  2. SUE ILLEGAL POLLUTERS: With our partners, we bring lawsuits against polluters who have failed to operate in compliance with environmental laws in order to bring them into compliance.
  3. CHALLENGE REGULATIONS IN COURT: We challenge regulations in court to improve systems and better protect our waterways.

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Latest Updates

Enforcement Action Leads to Penalties for Sewage Plant in Lower Potomac

Potomac Riverkeeper’s 2016 review of Clean Water Act discharge permits on the Potomac led us to the Winters Apartments Sewage Treatment Plant in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, where chronic operational problems were causing frequent permit violations for excessive discharges of ammonia and suspended solids into the Potomac. This pollution threatened public health and degraded the […]

agricultural livestock runoff

An Unsteady Balance for Virginia’s Farms and Clean Water

Millions of livestock animals are raised in the Shenandoah Valley, a region that by most standards is the breadbasket of Virginia. Agriculture has intensified over the past 40 years, as landowners work to produce more with their limited acreage and to out-strip the drop in commodity prices. The result? The confinement of animals in what […]


Shenandoah Riverkeeper Files Lawsuit Over Algae in the Shenandoah

We’ve been dealing with excessive algae blooms throughout the river ever since a massive fish kill occurred in 2005. That event spawned Virginia’s Fish Kill Task Force to study the problem. The Task Force discovered many things. None of them good. They discovered male fish with female parts, known as intersex fish. They discovered fish […]


Settlement on NRG’s Power Plant Pollution Leads to a $0.5 Million Oyster Restoration Project

As part of Potomac Riverkeeper’s settlement with NRG Energy and the state of Maryland on NRG’s pollution of the Potomac and Patuxent Rivers with excess nutrients, NRG was required to fund a $0.5 million environmental project in the Potomac that would help reduce nutrient pollution. The result? A five year plan developed by the Potomac […]


Acting as the Conscience of Our Own Government

Jeff Kelble – President I recently found myself in a discussion with Phillip Musegaas, our legal director, assessing our organization’s work and reflecting on how we are doing in meeting our mission of addressing the greatest threats facing the health of our shared river. As we talked, we tallied the legal cases with which we […]


Bad Actor vs. Unintentional Failures

If you’ve just joined Potomac Riverkeeper Network (PRKN) you may gather that we don’t stop trying to solve a pollution problem when we hit the inevitable advocacy road block. Instead, our custom is to take legal action when advocacy can’t get us any further towards a solution. However, this is not always necessary. In many […]