Dominion Disclosures about Groundwater Contamination at Possum Point due March 2


Under a 2015 Environmental Protection Agency regulation, utility companies must now publicly disclose ground water monitoring data and publish the results online by March 2.  Dominion Energy has yet to post the results of its analysis for Possum Point, or indeed any of the four sites in operates in Virginia.

These first-ever groundwater monitoring reports are sure to prove critically important to the safety of the nation’s drinking water.  The EPA and environmental groups have already confirmed over 200 cases of water contamination from leaking coal ash sites.  But some recent disclosures made by other utilities confirm longstanding groundwater contamination at coal ash sites located across the US due to inadequate storage of coal ash in unlined, leaking waste ponds.

Dominion has a long history of repeatedly denying that a problem even exists and is likely delaying the public release of its monitoring data to weaken coal ash legislation that is currently moving through the Virginia General Assembly, but we’ll stay on top on this, so keep visiting the PRKN website for updates.

But see what we have to say about this development right now.