Concern over TransCanada Pipeline at Chesapeake Bay Executive Meeting

Photo by Tusik Only

Governors and representatives from Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware, along with top EPA officials, convened in Annapolis on June 8th for the annual meeting of the Chesapeake Executive Council.  They signed a resolution urging President Trump and Congress to maintain current levels of support for the Chesapeake Bay Program. Calls by the Administration to eliminate the $73 million bay program drew several environmental groups and concerned citizens to the event to defend the program and to speak up about ongoing threats —  including a proposed fracked gas pipeline in Maryland that Upper Potomac Riverkeeper Brent Walls is fighting. Staffers Alisha Camacho and Nathan Ackerman represented PRKN and asked Governor Hogan about the pipeline. His response?  “We haven’t given it much thought.” With your help, we’ll change that.

Watch our two minute overview of the event with a call to action at the end: Let Governor Hogan know that you don’t want a fracked gas pipeline under the Potomac River. He has the authority to stop this pipeline. Call him at 410-974-3901 today. Learn more here.