Coast Guard Announces Interim Security Zone along the Potomac

The Coast Guard recently announced an interim rule establishing a security zone that encompasses approximately two miles along the Potomac River. The restrictions prevent boaters and recreational users from being on the water when the security zone is in effect. We urge you to send comments to the Coast Guard, asking them to develop a plan to notify paddlers ahead of time. The comment deadline is August 9th. 

Go to

Enter  USCG-2017-0448 in the “ Search” box

Follow directions to submit comments.

PRKN Letter to the Editor, Washington Post 07/26/17

“The Coast Guard was right to change course and allow paddlers passage along the Maryland side of the Potomac when President Trump is at his Sterling golf course. This is the river equivalent of narrowing a multiple-lane highway to a single lane. Without sufficient notice and effective ways to reach recreational river users, many river users won’t know the security zone is in effect until they’re stopped by the Coast Guard. Inexperienced boaters could run into trouble fighting strong currents to reach the authorized area.” Read More.

Official Federal Register Notice Potomac Montgomery County:

“Notice is hereby given of the establishment of a security zone on certain waters of the Potomac River, in Montgomery County, MD, under the Ports and Waterways Safety Act (PWSA), 33 United States Code (U.S.C.) 1226, which allows the Coast Guard to take actions, including the establishment of security and safety zones, to prevent or respond to acts of terrorism against individuals, vessels, or public or commercial structures.

As described in Title 33 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) § 165.557, the Coast Guard has established a security zone, encompassing certain waters of the Potomac River, to safeguard high-ranking United States officials at the Trump National Golf Club at Potomac Falls, VA. The security zone includes all navigable waters of the Potomac River, from shoreline to shoreline…”

Read more: 2017-14395 FR Notice Potomac Montgomery county CG Security zone

Coast Guard Flyer with Zoning Map:

Flyer – Sec Zn (Trump National Golf Club)