Mettiki Coal

Public Hearing on Reissuance of Clean Water Act Discharge Permit for Mettiki Coal Set for March 24

The Mettiki Coal operation in Western Maryland is suspected of periodically discharging contaminated water which makes its way into drinking wells and the North Branch of the Potomac River. Past inspections have shown evidence of possible metals pollution. The Mettiki facility has submitted a request for a reissuance of its Clean Water Act discharge (NPDES) permit … Read More

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Sailor Turns Sleuth in Battle for Nation’s River

You’ll enjoy this feature story by Tom Pelton of Environmental Integrity Project on Upper Potomac Riverkeeper Brent Walls and his battle to save the Upper Potomac River: “Sailor Turns Sleuth in Battle for Nation’s River This 18 minute audo recording will be of interest because goes into more depth about the town of Luke, Maryland, … Read More

PFAS in the Upper Potomac screen capture

PFAS in the Upper Potomac

PFAS are legacy toxic chemicals and a serious problem, whose extent and prevalence we still don’t know. But Brent Walls, Upper Potomac Riverkeeper, has begun important testing in his watershed, starting with Antietam Creek. Check out this video from his Water Wednesday talk. 

Press Release

Troubling Findings of Forever Chemicals in Antietam Creek Announced by Upper Potomac Riverkeeper

High Levels of PFAS Detected in Smallmouth Bass and Creek Waters Washington, D.C. – June 17– Upper Potomac Riverkeeper (UPRK) Brent Walls today announced findings of high levels of PFAS chemicals in fish and water in the Antietam Creek and surrounding region. Said Walls, “Although banned nearly 15 years ago, the presence of these chemicals, … Read More


Antietam Creek – A Treasure Close to Home

Although the name Antietam may derive from an Algonquian phrase meaning “swift-flowing stream,” much of the 41 miles of the creek is really quite placid. It’s a lovely location for beginner paddlers to get experience and confidence. With plenty of access points, the river is also easy to put in and take out small watercraft … Read More


The Trough – One of Brent’s Favorites

This month’s featured location is the Trough on the Potomac’s South Branch; it’s a favorite of Brent Walls, Upper Potomac Riverkeeper. A 6-mile long wooded gorge carved by the river and situated in the Allegheny Mountains of Hampshire and Hardy Counties, West Virginia, the area was the site of a 1756 skirmish of the French … Read More

Press Release

Potomac Riverkeeper Network Files Notice of Intent to Sue Verso Corporation (Luke Paper Mill)

Discharges of Toxic “Black Liquor” into the Upper Potomac River from Verso Corporation’s Luke Paper Mill Violate Hazardous Waste Law Washington, D.C. – November 19– Potomac Riverkeeper Network (PRKN) today filed a Notice of Intent to Sue (NOI) Verso Corporation, owner of the now-closed Luke, Maryland paper mill, for the ongoing unlawful discharges of a … Read More

Verso Luke Mill Paper Company Fishkill Investigation

Verso Luke Paper Company Pollution Report – Certificate of Analysis Received

PRKN has received the following analytical results for lab samples sent in on Friday, April 26, 2019. Verso Luke Mill Black Liquid Investigation Sample Results Related Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) investigation reports: MDE Inspection Report – 4/9/2019  MDE Investigation Photos – 4/9/2019  MDE Inspection Report – 4/25/2019 MDE Investigation Photos – 4/25/2019

Brent Walls, Upper Potomac Riverkeeper

PFOA/PFAS – Testing Results

As part of my work to investigate and remediate pollution in the Upper Potomac, I recently conducted a stream assessment for the presence of PFAS— extremely toxic chemicals — in two tributaries of the Opeqoun creek, Evans Run and Cold Spring Run. The sample sites were the same locations that West Virginia’s Department of Environmental … Read More