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Cancellation of Atlantic Coast Pipeline Hailed by Shenandoah Riverkeeper

Years of Diligent Advocacy Yields Major Victory Ending Environmentally Dangerous and Unnecessary Pipeline Washington, D.C. – July 6 – Shenandoah Riverkeeper and Potomac Riverkeeper Network enthusiastically applaud the cancellation by Dominion Energy and Duke Energy of their Atlantic Coast Pipeline project which would have impacted pristine Shenandoah River headwater streams and crossed miles of national … Read More

chicken manure / poultry litter problem

Poultry Litter Problem

Poultry Litter – a Continuing Problem in the Valley The Shenandoah Valley is home to more than 159 million chickens, 16 million turkeys, and more than 528,000 dairy and beef cows in feedlots and pastures. These animals generate more than 410,000 tons of poultry litter and one billion gallons of liquid manure annually. In small … Read More

cattle in the shenandoah

Cattle Exclusion

A major cause of pollution in the Shenandoah River is cattle manure. While many farmers are putting up fences and creating stream buffers to protect the river. Others permit their cattle herds unfettered access to the river and its tributaries. Unfortunately, cattle aren’t fastidious about where they defecate. What’s more, as they climb up and … Read More

Algae close up

Algal Outbreaks In the Shenandoah

The Shenandoah River has been plagued by excessive algae outbreaks for some time now. This was brought to light in 2005 when a large-scale fish kill triggered an investigation by Virginia’s Fish Kill Task Force into the underlying issues. The Task Force discovered that pollution from large agricultural operations was creating a whole host of … Read More

Respect the Shenandoah - Shenandoah Riverkeeper

Respect the Shenandoah Webinar Signup

The Respect the Shenandoah Campaign officially launches on July 1, 2020 with a virtual presentation by Mark Frondorf, Shenandoah Riverkeeper. During this short webinar, Mark will discuss the genesis and goals of the campaign – and why it’s important for all of our supporters to get involved! Water Wednesdays: Respect the Shenandoah Location: Online | … Read More

Shenandoah Watershed Compact

More than 300,000 of us live in the Shenandoah watershed. Our interests in the river are at times both complementary and competing. As economies in the Shenandoah Valley change, so do the challenges and pressures facing water resources. Both urban and rural areas generate pollutant loads that compromise local waters and those downstream, such as … Read More

autumn on the Shenandoah

Autumn on the Shenandoah

Folks often ask what’s my favorite angling spot on the Shenandoah River. Quite honestly, I don’t have one. I could talk about being utterly surprised by a 19” rainbow trout dancing on the end of my 5wt fly rod up on Hawksbill Creek some thirty-odd years ago, back when I still had a full head … Read More

It’s Budget Time in Virginia — Let the General Assembly Know That Funding Clean Water Must be a Priority!

Dear Friend, It’s Budget Time in Virginia — Let the General Assembly Know That Funding Clean Water Must be a Priority! Dollars can move mountains or better yet, protect our rivers and streams. We have a unique opportunity this year to see meaningful increases in natural resource funding, thanks to the budget proposed by Gov. Northam. … Read More

cattle in the shenandoah

Respect the Shenandoah

The Shenandoah River is near and dear to the hearts of all those who grew up in the Shenandoah Valley as I did. It is a beautiful river, a great fishing river, and great river for paddling, rafting, and inner tubing. I enjoyed many of those pastimes in my youth, but I stopped going to … Read More


Help Shenandoah Riverkeeper Pass a Law to Keep Cattle out of Our River!

This Wednesday, January 29, a key House Committee in the Virginia legislature will consider  HB 1422, a bill that sets a 2025 deadline to fence cattle out of waterways and requires state funding to ensure farmers can afford it. Unfenced cattle destroy streambanks and valuable riparian buffers, and directly “deposit” manure and bacteria into the … Read More

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