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Imagine A Day Without Water

Go ahead – imagine a day without water. It’s easy to think of terrible examples — hospitals, schools, firefighting companies. Devastating.  But imagine closer to home: you wake up and that first glass of water isn’t there. Neither is the shower, no brushing your teeth. No tea or coffee. And that’s just the first 45 … Read More

Swoope Almanac: A Review

If you like to be entertained while you are learning about farm management techniques that protect water resources, Swoope Almanac by Robert Whitescarver, is for you. Bobby’s descriptions of his wife (Jeanne, Princess of Swoope), his cattle, and his challenges are laugh out loud funny, but his love of the land and the water in … Read More


PRKN 2018 Annual Report

PRKN 2018 Annual Report CoverWe are very excited to share this overview of all our hard work and accomplishments from the past year. Download a copy of the full report here: PRKN 2018 Annual Report (7MB).

1000 Thank Yous!

So many people chipped in to help us meet our goals in 2018, that we could not fit all the names in the print version of the report. We very much want to thank everyone, so we are taking this opportunity to thank our full list of donors here. You are all amazing and we could not do any of this without you!

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Is it Safe to Swim?

I’ve been working to protect rivers, lakes, and coastal waters for more than 30 years now, and the question that people most often ask about those waters is whether it is safe to swim.  That’s because people love to go in the water and always have since the beginning of time.  Some people think it … Read More

Admiral’s Gift

A Riverkeeper is the eyes and ears and voice for the river that he or she works to protect. A key part of the job is patrolling the river, identifying pollution sources, and then working to stop the pollution.  Riverkeepers patrol by air, by foot, by car, and by boat. All Riverkeepers live in the … Read More

It’s World Wetlands Day! Help Us Protect Clean Water!

Today is World Wetlands Day! If you’re reading this, you probably have some insight about why our wetlands are important:  they protect and improve water quality, provide fish and wildlife habitats, store floodwaters, recharge groundwater, and maintain surface water flow during dry periods. But while wetlands are a critical component of our ecosystem, their protection … Read More

Thoughts for the New Year!

Happy New Year! I now have more than six months at Potomac Riverkeeper Network behind me – I wrote earlier about how much fun I’ve had learning about the organization and the beautiful resources we have the privilege to protect.   Over the past year, my appreciation for the important work the Potomac Riverkeeper Network does … Read More

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Enjoying exploring the beautiful Potomac Watershed

One of the things I am enjoying most about my new job as President of the Potomac Riverkeeper Network is the opportunity to learn about the rivers from the Riverkeepers who each specialize in protecting a particular segment of the watershed and know those watersheds like the back of their hands. In my first three … Read More