Join us for a Potomac Watershed Clean-Up Saturday, April 14!

We’re cleaning up the Potomac Watershed Saturday, April 14!  Groups of volunteers will work from boats to pick up trash from Seneca Creek and the Potomac River. One group will work on the smooth waters of Seneca Creek using canoes provided by Calleva. Another group may work on the nearby Potomac River if weather and … Read More

Allegheny Blue Ridge Alliance

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Compliance Surveillance Initiative

While Shenandoah Riverkeeper Mark Frondorf continues to work with the Southern Environmental Law Center and other environmental organizations to challenge the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) in the courts, he has also been working with the Allegheny-Blue Ridge Alliance to develop its Atlantic Coast Pipeline Compliance Surveillance Initiative (CSI). The purpose of this is to ensure … Read More

Hogan Administration Approves Pipeline

I’ve had a chance to review the Potomac Pipeline permit approval issued by the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) and I have some more thoughts. I continue to emphasize my disappointment – we simply don’t need this pipeline and I would say that even if there weren’t considerable risks to the Potomac River, the … Read More

Why Won’t Dominion Disclose Groundwater Monitoring Data?

I’ve written previously about the report released Friday, March 2, by Dominion Energy confirming groundwater contamination at its coal burning facility in Possum Point, VA here.  The report proves extensive ground water pollution has been detected at all of its monitoring wells and also proves contamination is leaking out of Pond D toward the Potomac … Read More

Dominion Fails to Provide Critical Monitoring Data for Possum Point Residents

Washington, DC – March 6 – Potomac Riverkeeper Network (PRKN) today assailed the report posted Friday, March 2 by Dominion Energy about the groundwater contamination at its Possum Point Power Station in Dumfries , VA.  “Dominion’s report proves extensive ground water pollution has been detected at all of its monitoring wells and proves contamination is … Read More

Our Filed Comments on Federal Environmental Review of Potomac Pipeline

I wrote last week that PRKN was preparing its extensive and necessary comments to the Environmental Assessment prepared by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and here they are! Thanks to Phillip Musegaas, our volunteer attorneys, and our partners who helped with this complex analysis and the preparation of this important product, in our continuing fight … Read More

We Need Your Help! Comments to Stop the Potomac Pipeline Due Feb. 26!

As we at PRKN prepare to submit our comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Environmental Assessment (EA) of the Potomac Pipeline, we want to make sure our fellow pipeline opponents know about the serious problems we’ve identified in the EA.  Remember that the comments are due Monday, February 26, so join in and help us … Read More

Hundreds Tell Governor Hogan No Potomac Pipeline in Annapolis!

Hundreds of concerned citizens from Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Washington, DC and as far away as Pennsylvania turned out last night to raise their voices in a rally in Annapolis to tell Governor Hogan NO POTOMAC PIPELINE!  The event kicked-off with a rally at Lawyer’s Mall followed by hundreds waving signs and chanting No Potomac … Read More