Cancellation of Atlantic Coast Pipeline Hailed by Shenandoah Riverkeeper

Years of Diligent Advocacy Yields Major Victory Ending Environmentally Dangerous and Unnecessary Pipeline

Washington, D.C. – July 6 – Shenandoah Riverkeeper and Potomac Riverkeeper Network enthusiastically applaud the cancellation by Dominion Energy and Duke Energy of their Atlantic Coast Pipeline project which would have impacted pristine Shenandoah River headwater streams and crossed miles of national forest, private property and the Appalachian Trail on its route to North Carolina.

Mark Frondorf, Shenandoah Riverkeeper, said “I will always remember The Fourth of July weekend as the time that the efforts of a broad coalition of environmental supporters finally killed this project. Dominion Energy tried everything to keep it alive — expensive lobbying, endless litigation, strong-arming regulatory authorities — but in the end, we prevailed and all of us who live in or near the Shenandoah watershed are better off.”

Originally estimated to cost $8 billion, Dominion has spent roughly $4 billion to date on the project which would have transported fracked gas through Virginia to ports for export to foreign countries. The company acknowledged in its statement that legal uncertainties, largely a result of advocacy and litigation by environmental groups, was a factor in the decision.
Frondorf continued, “We were the David to Dominion’s Goliath. I’m proud to have been a part of this campaign which will preserve waterways for our future generations.”


About Potomac Riverkeeper Network

Potomac Riverkeeper Network is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization with three regional Waterkeeper branches: Potomac Riverkeeper, Upper Potomac Riverkeeper, and Shenandoah Riverkeeper. Our mission is to protect the public’s

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