Call Governor McAuliffe: Tell Him to Sign the Alexandria Sewage Bill!

Photo by Tusik Only

Alexandria’s dirty little secret — dumping millions of gallons of stormwater contaminated with raw sewage into the Potomac River — isn’t so secret anymore. The Washington Post and other media outlets exposed it in a series of embarrassing headlines. Thanks to action by our members and the larger environmental community, the Virginia General Assembly passed a bill that sets a deadline of 2025 for Alexandria to finally put an end to their 200-year old practice of using “our nation’s river” as their municipal toilet.

It’s sitting on the Governor’s desk right now waiting to be signed. But it won’t get signed unless you call 804-786-2211 now. In fact, it could get vetoed, reversing all the hard work that got us this far.

The Governor is under intense pressure from Alexandria to veto the bill so they can kick this down the road, delaying critical clean water infrastructure investment for years.

Alexandria’s leadership knows every year they dump their waste in the river for free is a year they can avoid the difficult budget tradeoffs to responsibly deal with their sewage. The Governor’s political base is Northern Virginia, so he will listen to Alexandria unless he hears from you now.

The Governor could veto this bi-partisan bill (HB2383) any day. Please call 804-786-2211 today.

If this bill is vetoed, Alexandria will be allowed to take decades to fix the problem and hundreds of millions of gallons of raw sewage will pollute the Potomac River, putting public health at risk and compromising the gains we’ve made cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay. Politicians looking to dodge responsibility will say 2025 is too soon. But independent engineers we consulted with disagree. They’ll say it is about rural Virginia legislators trying to punish wealthy Alexandria. But Alexandria is an “eco-city” and has already committed to sustainable environmental practices.

They say Alexandria is the victim. We say the victim is our river, those who rely on it for food or their livelihoods. There is no excuse in the modern era for dumping raw sewage into our rivers.

The Governor could veto this bill any day. Please call 804-786-2211 today.