Annual Reports & Statements

Photo by Roy Sewall

PRKN Watershed Acknowledgment Statement

The word Potomac is an Anglicized version of a local tribe’s name Patawomeke, although the river had several different names based on region and language. Flowing through central Maryland into the Chesapeake Bay, the river winds through various Indigenous territories.  … READ MORE


KEEPING OUR WATER CLEAN — FOR DRINKING, FOR PLAYING, FOR LIFE Our 2021 report includes information and data on our work toward stepping up community engagement; eliminating pollution in the north branch of the Potomac and bacterial monitoring and testing … READ MORE

Swimmable Potomac Report 2022

Our Swimmable Potomac Report summarizing the findings of the Community Science Water Quality Monitoring program has just been published. The good news? The river is frequently safe for swimming, which is more scientific support for lifting the swim ban in … READ MORE


Nothing has been more inspiring than the work we have accomplished together as a community by staying strong during difficult and turbulent times. Despite the turmoil, we expanded our Community Science Water Quality Monitoring Program, published our first annual Swimmable … READ MORE

1st Annual Swimmable Potomac Report Issued by PRKN

POTOMAC RIVERKEEPER NETWORK ISSUES SWIMMABLE POTOMAC REPORT Identifies Where and When The Potomac is Safe For Human Contact Washington, D.C. – July 23 – Potomac Riverkeeper Network (PRKN) today released its first annual Water Quality Monitoring Report for the Potomac River, … READ MORE
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