Solve pollution problems through voluntary action on the part of the polluter or government

How It Works

  1. EDUCATION: Riverkeepers and outreach staff engage communities that depend on and live near the Potomac and Shenandoah through educational presentations and development of close relationships.
  2. STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT: Our Riverkeepers work with key community members to improve land use practices.
  3. GRASSROOTS CITIZEN ACTION: We call upon citizens to submit public comments and citizen complaints, and connect communities with their local waterways under our River Access & Recreation Program.
  4. BEHAVIORAL REFORM: Our Riverkeepers work with polluters/government agencies to improve practices or regulations that fall short of meeting requirements set forth by environmental laws. Lobby to improve legislation when laws are unable to protect our waters from a particular type of pollution.
Latest Updates


In episode six, the GW WonkCast team talks with Phillip Musegaas, Vice President of Programs and Litigation at Potomac Riverkeeper Network, an environmental nonprofit that works to protect the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers. Musegaas discusses the current state of water regulation and protection given the repeal and changes to the Clean Water Rule. This rule was […]


World Rivers Day: Riverkeepers announce the Twinning of the Potomac and the Ottawa Rivers

(Ottawa, ON. September 22, 2017) – Ottawa Riverkeeper (ORK) and Potomac Riverkeeper Network (PRK) are pleased to announce the symbolic twinning of the Capital Rivers of Canada and the United States of America, the Ottawa and Potomac Rivers, respectively. The announcement was made riverside this morning by the Riverkeeper organizations, in celebration of World Rivers Day […]


Urgent Action! Tell Virginia to Reject the Atlantic Coast Pipeline!

We need to act fast! The proposed 600-mile fracked gas Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) is on its way to being built – unless we all work together to stop this unnecessary and economically and environmentally devastating project. This pipeline project proposed by Dominion Resources and Duke Energy would carry gas from the Marcellus Shale field […]


Major Environmental Groups Urge MDE to Investigate Full Risks of Pipeline

Alarmed with the Potential Detriment to the Environment, Coalition Calls for Assessment, Rejection of TransCanada’s Eastern Panhandle Expansion Project Baltimore, MD — On Tuesday August 8, a letter signed by 18 state and local environmental organizations was delivered to Secretary Ben Grumbles of the Maryland Department of the Environment. The signatories demand that MDE use […]


URGENT ACTION! Stop EPA’s Repeal of the Clean Water Rule!

The Trump administration launched its assault on our clean water and drinking water protections with a proposed repeal of the Clean Water Rule. A lengthy, deliberate, and inclusive process led to the 2015 Clean Water Rule, a rule protective of vital waterways and based in sound law and sound science. By comparison, the Administration’s scheme […]


EPA Suspends New Limits on Toxic Emissions from Coal Fired Power Plants

In yet another assault on clean water, the EPA recently announced its indefinite delay of new pollution limits for coal fired power plants, known as “Effluent Limitation Guidelines” (ELG) issued by President Obama’s EPA in 2015. After thirty years of inaction by EPA, these new limits on discharges of arsenic, mercury, lead and other toxic […]


From Standing Rock to Hancock: Camp Out to Stop the Potomac Pipeline

On Friday June 30th at McCoy’s Ferry Campground, Upper Potomac Riverkeeper Brent Walls launched our summer long encampment series to stop a fracked gas pipeline from threatening our water. Standing Rock to Hancock: Camp Out to Stop the Potomac Pipeline is organized by several environmental organizations including: Potomac Riverkeeper Network, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Food and Water Watch, and Sierra Club. The […]


Trump Administration Clean Water Rule Repeal Threatens Water Quality

Pipeline Projects Will Face Fewer Obstacles Washington, DC (June 28, 2017) By starting the process of repealing the Clean Water Rule yesterday, the Trump Administration put the sources of drinking water for more than 117 million Americans at greater risk, along with the streams and wetlands that filter pollution and provide habitat for wildlife. 1 […]


Standing Up for the EPA

Since we often rely on Environmental Protection Agency rules and regulatory actions to achieve our goal of protecting the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers from pollution, the Trump administration’s plan to eliminate a quarter of the agency’s 15,000 jobs is deeply troubling. Plans to shrink EPA spending by nearly a third go beyond what could reasonably […]


Severe EPA Budget Cuts Threaten Clean Water Protections

From Jeff Kelble, PRKN President: Know why I’m fighting mad? The budget cuts proposed by the Administration last week represent the most severe reductions in clean water protections in two generations. Don’t believe claims that they are about trimming fat and making government more efficient – the attacks on several of EPA’s most important functions […]




  • Clean Water is Under Attack

    The Administration has directed the EPA to take sweeping measures to undo clean water protections under the Clean Water Rule intended to safeguard the health of our rivers, streams and wetlands. The announcement to repeal the Clean Water Rule represents one of the most serious assaults on our water resources