Add Your Voice to Stop Fracked Gas Pipeline Under the Potomac!

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The December 19th Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) hearing in Hancock, MD, was absolutely packed with opponents of the pipeline. Over two hundred attended, and the majority spoke in opposition. And because of this MDE scheduled a second hearing on January 22nd at the Hancock High School from 6-10 Hancock, MD (snow date — January 25).

Yes, MDE is holding a second public hearing, but they are playing fast and loose with the truth on the 401 process. Several nonprofit groups and residents, including us, have decided to boycott this hearing. We are asking that if you make public comments, to then join us outside the hearing to show your solidarity.

For nine months, we have explained, through every means possible, our concerns and recommended actions, and we have been ignored.

  • MDE should NOT move forward with approval until all information for a thorough review is available to the public; so far, MDE has failed to clearly explain the confusing federal/state permitting process, causing confusion and limiting public feedback on this controversial pipeline.
  • MDE should require individual 401 certifications for wetland and stream crossings, rather than relying on the Army Corps of Engineers.
  • MDE has ignored requests from Maryland residents to ask FERC to conduct a full Environmental Impact Statement.

We are not going to be pacified by just public hearings. They have heard everything we want to say. Now, we want action! Add your voice to stop fracked gas pipeline under the Potomac and join us on January 22nd in Hancock!

If you signed up to speak at the first hearing but didn’t get a chance, you are welcome to make your voice heard during this hearing. We will simply ask you to make a statement of solidarity during your comments and then rejoin the broader boycott of citizens outside.

Please RSVP here on our Eventbrite so we know you’re coming.

Click here to submit comments by January 25th opposing the Potomac Pipeline. Help us urge Governor Hogan to REJECT this dangerous pipeline!

In addition to the MDE Dec. 19th hearing, more than 100 people turned out for the WVA Department of Environmental Protection January 9th hearing on the stormwater permit for the Mountaineer Gas Pipeline that would connect to the TransCanada pipeline. This pipeline also threatens the Potomac River. You can still submit comments to WVDEP by January 19th.

Join us and add your voice in opposition to this fracked gas pipeline!

Thank you!

Brent Walls

Brent Walls,
Upper Potomac Riverkeeper

Help us urge Governor Hogan to REJECT this dangerous pipeline.

CLICK HERE to submit comments by Jan 25 opposing the Potomac Pipeline

Click Here for More Info and Tips on Commenting

P.S. With support from hundreds of our members, we were able to help build a powerful grassroots movement to ban fracking in Maryland. Please consider making a generous donation to help us in this next fight to keep fossil fuel infrastructure from causing irreversible harm to our water supplies!