Tell Maryland No Fracking & No Pipeline Under the Potomac

Photo by Tusik Only

BREAKING NEWS!  Statewide fracking ban bills have been introduced in the Maryland Senate and House. The hearings began this week. We urge you to send emails TODAY to support HB1325 and SB740! The moratorium ends this October 2017 and regulations are not enough. We need to #DontFrackMD!

The latest tactic by the American Petroleum Institute is alarming. They are robo calling residents all over Maryland requesting they call or write their state representatives to support natural gas in Maryland. We know that our fight to ban fracking must be working if API is now spending lots of money in Maryland. They may also be worried about the fight over the TransCanada Eastern Panhandle Connector pipeline that will run under the Potomac River in Hancock.

I am asking each of you to send an email today or call your state representative and tell them:

  • They should support legislation that bans fracking statewide (SB740 and HB1325) and not a moratorium.
  • Pipelines are not good for Maryland, especially when they are drilled under the Potomac and other sensitive streams with vulnerable geology (Karst). This pipeline is part of a regional plan to export fracked gas from Pennsylvania’s Marcellus shale to foreign markets out of Dominion’s gas export facility at Cove Point on the Chesapeake Bay.
  • The National Park Service’s job is to protect public lands like the C&O Canal that belong to all Americans, not give private corporations easements to build pipelines that will lead to more fossil fuel burning and climate change impacts. Tell them that the National Park Service can say no to the pipeline and stop the process before it even gets started. Ask them to call the NPS C&O Canal office at (301) 739-4200 and tell them to say no to the pipeline and not grant the gas company’s request to survey the national park.

Please send an email right now! Or call your Senator and your House Delegate at 1-800-492-7122 or find their number here.