Panel Discussion: Hog Factory Farm Threatens Big Cove Creek

Big Cove Creek Alliance is fighting a proposed industrialized hog CAFO (Confined Animal Feeding Operation) that will pollute Big Cove Creek. Come find out the details at a panel discussion organized by Big Cove Creek Alliance:

  • Doug Gurian-Sherman, Director of Sustainable Agriculture at the Center for Food Safety. A former EPA scientist, he seeks to spotlight developments in Sustainable Agriculture.
  • Daniel Leese, Fulton County resident participating in the family businesses of crops, hogs, beef, and produce. Dan is a State Board Member of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau. He holds a Master’s Degree in Biology.
  • Brent Walls is the Upper Potomac Riverkeeper. He has been an advocate for clean water for over a decade. With an Environmental Science background in fresh water ecology, Brent has brought a valuable scientific perspective to Potomac Riverkeeper.

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