March on the Mansion – Richmond

The EPA has ordered utilities across the country to clean up their coal ash — a toxic byproduct of fossil fuel-based electricity production containing poisons like lead and arsenic. While some states are doing this in a way that protects human health and our water, Governor Terry McAuliffe is allowing Dominion Power to dump their coal ash water into our rivers — millions and millions of gallons of coal ash water into rivers that many of us drink from.

But it gets worse. The Governor also supports fracked-gas pipelines through our mountains and oil drilling in our oceans.

These policies pose serious threats to our health and the environment. It’s time to stand up and demand a clean energy future for Virginia. Join the historic “March on the Mansion” Saturday, July 23rd in Richmond.

Potomac Riverkeeper Network and many other environmental groups across Virginia are taking our message straight to Governor McAuliffe’s house. We need you with us because the Governor isn’t yet hearing the voices of citizens like you who say “No Atlantic Coast Pipeline!” and “No coal ash waste water in our rivers” and “No capping in place toxic coal ash.” He isn’t hearing citizens with wells contaminated by carcinogens leaching from coal ash ponds. He isn’t hearing citizens who want our rivers used for recreation, not the dumping grounds of industry. So we have to take our voices to his house.

Sign up for the July 23rd “March on the Mansion” at We’re marching to defend our land, clean water, and climate — and we need you there!

This is going to be one of the biggest environmental and social justice rallies in Virginia’s history.

Check out the Facebook event page.