2015 Benefit Concert at The Hamilton Live


Another year, another fantastic concert for clean water! Each year we partner up with local bands at the Hamilton Live for a night of live music, great food, and a good cause.

This year Spirit Family Reunion and The 19th Street Band gave a spectacular performance in front of 200 cheering fans, filling the Hamilton Live with their array of washboards, banjos, guitars, fiddles, upright basses and drums to stir up the crowd in the fight for clean water.

As the show commenced, President Jeff Kelble added a little shock value as he strutted out on stage wearing nothing but a towel and some not-so-stylish swimming trunks. Jeff shared his vision of recreating a swimmable Potomac River in the years to come. Thanks to our loyal supporters, we may live to see the day the Potomac and it’s communities are reunited—swim suits to water.

We owe a big thank you to the folks down at The Hamilton for being such accommodating hosts, especially our loyal Board Member Sally Davidson, Board Chair of Clyde’s Restaurant Group, as well as to both of the bands for donating their time in support of swimmable, drinkable, fishable water.