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  • POTOMAC PIPELINE: Tell the National Park Service You Expect Them to Protect the Potomac River!

    We need your help to stop this project! Sign our petition by November 18! We call on the National Park Service (NPS) to deny TransCanada a right of way permit across the historic C&O Canal! TransCanada has requested the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) authority to begin construction on other

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  • Frederick Sewage Plant Upgrade Success!

    Great news!  We succeeded in our efforts to resolve the nitrogen pollution violations at Frederick’s wastewater treatment plant — the city successfully completed a $45 million upgrade to the plant after delays of several years. The upgrades were supposed to have been completed in 2011, but because of inactivity by

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  • Dominion Coal Ash Update

    I have some progress to report in our fight against legacy coal ash in Virginia. You probably recall that the Virginia legislature earlier last year required Dominion to issue a request for proposal to analyze the feasibility of recycling its near 28 million tons of coal ash stored throughout the

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