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  • Sea Dog Recap!

    Our Sea Dog water monitoring boat launch was a fabulous event!  Read about it in The Washington Post here and here, and listen to it on WAMU, and watch it on WUSA TV 9 here and here and WJLA TV 7!  Thanks to everyone who turned out, and for the

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  • The Story Behind our Success at Cleaning Up Possum Point Coal Ash

    Possum Point is a sleepy rural mid income community of families and retired military folks who live a simple life along Quantico Creek and the Potomac River. Dan and Patty Marrow, chose to raise their three children on Possum Point Road because they believed it was a safe, wholesome community.

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  • We’re Launching the Sea Dog to Help Us Monitor the Quality of the River!

    Washington, D.C. – March 19– Potomac Riverkeeper Network (PRKN) today launched the Sea Dog, a 42 foot Chesapeake Deadrise, which will enhance PRKN’s capability to protect and defend the Potomac River and be used to patrol, to do water quality monitoring, and to be a floating classroom for environmental education.

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