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  • 2018-prkn-annual-report-cover

    PRKN 2018 Annual Report

    We are very excited to share this overview of all our hard work and accomplishments from the past year. Download a copy of the full report here: PRKN 2018 Annual Report (7MB). 1000 Thank Yous! So many people chipped in to help us meet our goals in 2018, that we

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  • Help Us Preserve the Appalachian Trail and Shenandoah!

    Don’t let Dominion do an end run around the courts and federal agencies – we need your help to preserve the Appalachian Trail and the beautiful, pristine Shenandoah! After losing in the courts and federal agencies, Dominion still won’t quit in its effort to build the unnecessary and environmentally disastrous

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  • Is it Safe to Swim?

    I’ve been working to protect rivers, lakes, and coastal waters for more than 30 years now, and the question that people most often ask about those waters is whether it is safe to swim.  That’s because people love to go in the water and always have since the beginning of

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