Stop Dominion’s Coal Ash From Poisoning Possum Point Wells!

Over 100 people attended the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Public Hearing on February 16th on Dominion's inadequate solid waste permit for its coal ash at Possum Point. The room was packed. 50 people signed up to speak and their message to DEQ was clear: Honor your mission statement: Protect public health and the environment. Make Dominion clean up their coal ash before more people get sick.

It's not too late for you to make your voice heard, too -- but do it today because comments are due by March 10! Click here to send a letter to Prince William County Board of Supervisors and DEQ.

You can also submit comments to DEQ on Dominion's solid waste permit by email by March 10 to [See our fact sheet on why Dominion needs to clean up its coal ash pits.

Dominion Power’s Possum Point power plant looms at the edge of a residential community just south of Washington. When the leaves are down, Dominion’s towers can easily be seen through the woods Dan Marrow’s children once played in. Dan wasn’t worried about having Dominion as a neighbor until a public meeting last year where he learned that four million tons of coal ash, a byproduct of coal powered electricity generation, are leaking ut of pits with less protection than the landfills your household trash is sent to -- and that Dominion’s own groundwater monitoring revealed contamination from carcinogenic coal ash pollutants.

Watch this video of Dan's story.

Dan had his drinking well water tested and showed the results to the same Virginia Tech lab that confirmed high lead levels in Flint, Michigan’s water supply. Their advice? Stop drinking the water immediately and move.

Yet Dan and his family had been drinking the toxic cocktail of carcinogenic metals and arsenic for years. Suddenly, the mysterious health issues they’d been experiencing weren’t as mysterious. His son, a hydrologist, told him he didn’t feel that it was safe place to bring Dan’s grandchildren anymore. For Dan, who values family above all else, this was devastating. But Dan isn’t just worried about his own family, he’s worried about others: coal ash is one of largest sources of industrial pollution in the country.

Dan Marrow didn’t tell us his story so he’d feel better. He shared it because he thought it might convince you to act. People like you standing up to big polluters is why more than 75 million tons of coal ash have been cleaned up and recycled in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Virginians should expect no less. 

Please send an email today to say no to coal ash! A recent poll showed over 80% of Prince William County residents are in favor of the county Board of Supervisors requiring Dominion to come up with alternative solutions like moving their coal ash to a safe, fully lined modern landfill away from rivers, homes and drinking water supplies.

Time is not on our side. The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality will decide on the Possum Point Permit in a matter of days, not years. This is the same state agency that had their chief regulator attend a lavish golf trip to the Masters paid exclusively by Dominion Power.

Click to send your email today!

Click to send your email today!

Tell the Prince William Board of Supervisors to oppose the Solid Waste Permit and require Dominion to adhere to EPA coal ash regulations that require an assessment of corrective measures to address pollution from Dominion's leaking coal ash ponds. Demand the county use its authority to mandate Dominion consider all alternatives for cleaning up the site, including excavation and recycling for concrete! 

Capping coal ash and leaving it in place might be Dominion’s solution, but it doesn’t protect groundwater, the Potomac River or families like Dan Marrow’s!

Let’s kick some ash! (out of our water!) Send your email today!

Dean Naujoks, Potomac Riverkeeper