"I've been a witness to some very poignant moments - fathers connecting with their sons, young girls catching their first fish, folks celebrating milestones and honoring those that have passed...and they all happened on our river."

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Shenandoah River Projects

Respect the Shenandoah

The Shenandoah River and its Valley have long been regarded as among the most beautiful and majestic natural features of America. But for many reasons, the river has suffered over the last few decades. Fish kills and algal outbreaks, associated with manure from unfenced herds of cattle and large poultry operations, make the river unhealthy […]

2017 Algal Outbreak, Deer Rapids, Strasburg VA

Shenandoah Algae Reporting Campaign

CAMPAIGN INFORMATION: Algal Outbreaks Continue to Plague the Shenandoah The Shenandoah River and its inhabitants have been suffering from algal outbreaks for years now. We know that a principal source of the problem is nutrient runoff from agricultural operations, and we know that the fish kills directly result from the outbreaks. We also know that […]

shenandoah river paddlers

Green and Prosperous Valley Vision: SRK’s Chesapeake Bay Trust Collaboration

CAMPAIGN INFORMATION: Shenandoah Valley Clean Water Collaboration Creating a Smart, Green, and Economically Prosperous Watershed Potomac Riverkeeper Network has obtained a $100,000 grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust to develop a Shenandoah Valley “Green Vision” through the use of expanded collaborative forums in the Valley that will be focused on increasing wildlife habitat and biodiversity; […]


Atlantic Coast Pipeline Threatens Shenandoah River Campaign

CAMPAIGN INFORMATION: The proposed construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline would impact the headwaters of the South Fork of the Shenandoah River. This is a transmission line to get fracked gas out of Pennsylvania and West Virginia and ship it down to North Carolina and Portsmouth, Virginia. If constructed, this pipeline will traverse the South River, […]

Clean Water is Under Attack

CAMPAIGN INFORMATION: The Administration has directed the EPA to take sweeping measures to undo clean water protections under the Clean Water Rule intended to safeguard the health of our rivers, streams and wetlands. The announcement to repeal the Clean Water Rule represents one of the most serious assaults on our water resources in decades. What […]


Shenandoah Algae Elimination Campaign

CAMPAIGN INFORMATION: We have been working diligently for years to tackle the issue of nutrient pollution and the algae crisis it creates on the Shenandoah. Primarily, intense poultry and dairy operations create hundreds of millions of pounds of manure which causes runoff, triggering massive algae blooms year round, inhibiting recreational use and hurting aquatic life. Construction sites, […]

cattle in river

Get the Cattle Out Campaign

CAMPAIGN INFORMATION: Shenandoah Riverkeeper has identified 73 herds of cattle with direct access to the North Fork, South Fork, and mainstem Shenandoah River. A seemingly harmless or even healthy activity for the animals, cattle with direct river access cause tremendous damage to river banks and overall river health. When cows enter the river their sharp hooves disturb […]

Massanutten Sewage Treatment Plant & Pollution Trading

CAMPAIGN INFORMATION: Shenandoah Riverkeeper is working to stop nutrient trading and get stricter limits on nutrients from the Massanutten Sewage Treatment Plant to better protect Quail Run, Boone Run, and ultimately, the South Fork of the Shenandoah River. This facility discharges treated wastewater from the ski resort area, including the lodge, restaurants, condominiums, and private homes. Unfortunately, […]


Paddle Potomac! Paddle Shenandoah! 2015

Would you paddle over 300 river miles to promote a clean and healthy Potomac and Shenandoah River? Maybe not, but our three Riverkeepers did just that. Starting on September 19th, Potomac Riverkeeper Dean Naujoks paddled 300 miles of the Potomac River, starting in Cumberland Maryland. Joined by Upper Potomac Riverkeeper Brent Walls and Shenandoah Riverkeeper Mark […]

Petition for Stronger Controls of Factory Farms (CAFOs) in Virginia

CAMPAIGN INFORMATION: Virginia has various deficiencies in its Combined Animal Feeding Opertation (CAFO) permitting program under the federal Clean Water Act. However, the state of Virginia has refused to improve their regulations in order to sufficiently protect our waters from CAFO manure runoff. These large livestock enterprises often have thousands of chickens and hogs packed into […]