Shenandoah Algae Elimination Campaign


  1. Shenandoah Algae Impairment Listing
  2. Sewage and Industrial Discharge Reduction
  3. Virginia Sludge Application Regulations
  4. Virginia De-Delegation Petition: CAFO Issues
  5. Feedlot Improvement
  6. Get the Cattle Out Campaign



Help us document the severity of the issue. If you’re a frequenter to the Shenandoah, who’s use or enjoyment of the river has been impaired due to algae, you can help by start by creating a detailed log of when you encounter algae.


Write a complaint letter including the eight pieces of information below. Chose to fill out the online submission form below, email, or mail them directly. Please include the following pieces of information in order for your letter to qualify in court:

Name & Contact Information: Include your name and address (other contact information is optional, but useful).

Usage: Describe when and how often you use the river, and describe what you do (fish, swim, walk dog, etc.).

Location: Use landmarks or coordinates to describe specific locations where on the Shenandoah River you have encountered algae.

Date/s & Time/s: List specific dates and times you experienced issues with algae (Month/Day/Year and Time of Day).

Description of Incident: Describe in detail how algae impacted your use or enjoyment of the river, including the level of severity of the algae blooms and it’s impact.

Impact: Tell the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VA DEQ) if the algae has diminished your use or your enjoyment of the river. Please use the words “has diminished my use” and/or “has diminished my enjoyment” if in fact the algae has impacted your enjoyment or use of the river.

Comparison: Tell DEQ if you believe the algae is worse in the Shenandoah than other rivers.

Less Likely to Use: Tell us if the algae makes you less likely to use the Shenandoah River for recreation (YES/NO).

Additional Information: Share any additional information about the algae you’ve experienced (ie. dog got sick after ingesting, made your picnic smell, etc.)

Request for Action: Request that VA DEQ include the North Fork, South Fork and/or Main Stem on its impaired waters 303D/305B list

Photos/Videos: Any pictures or video footage you have of aquired of algae and it’s impact can help bring the issue to life.

Address the top of your letter to:

John M. Kennedy
DEQ Office of Water Monitoring and Assessment
P.O. Box 1105
Richmond, Virginia 23218-1105
RE: Draft 2014 305(b)/303(d) Water Quality Assessment Integrated Report

Email or mail your letter to Mark Frondorf, Shenandoah Riverkeeper:

Mark Frondorf – Shenandoah Riverkeeper
1615 M Street 2nd Floor, NW Washington, DC 20036