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George's Chicken

George's Chicken Slaughter House is home to upgraded wastewater treatment facility with a biological nutrient removal (BNR) system. However, this BNR sytem has had repeated collapes, resulting in high ammonia discharges and violations of annual nutrient  dischage permit levels. We are currently working to George;s Chicken to implement changes before taking legal action.

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Ox Paperboard

A 100 year old small privately owned paper plant in West Virginia had been experiencing problem discharges for over 2 decades. After filing a Clean Water Act lawsuit the facility is undergoing upgrades designed to bring it into full compliance within 10 months and faces penalties of over $100,000. Additionally, we negotiated a $50,000 Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) project of our chosing: to construct two wetlands to treat the stormwater discharge from the parking lots and roofs of a new shopping center.